Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007

We have had a fun and busy week here in the Kletke House!

Tuesday - I took the kids to a splashpad in Norman and met up with my friend, Angie and her two boys. The kids had a blast! They played at the splashpad for about 45 minutes and then we walked over to the park and played for awhile while their swimsuits dried.

Wednesday - The kids and I ventured to the zoo for "Wayback Wednesday". The price of admission is only 75 cents. We enjoyed looking at the animals, but I think the kids had the most fun playing on the playground. We then stopped off at Mickey D's for Happy Meals.

That evening, Marc took Avery and Matthew on a frog hunt. We have tons of froggies living in our yard because of the recent rainfalls. The kids enjoyed counting all the frogs they spotted. Frogs or maybe it's actually toads, oh well, whatever. Amphibians!

Thursday - Maci slept for 12 hours straight! Impressive for an 11 week old baby! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful baby.

Matthew had his last day of speech with Mrs. Gulley. He will have a new speech teacher when school starts. Avery and Matthew both begin school at Wayland Bonds Elementary on Tuesday, August 14. Can't believe summer is almost over!

We are going to venture up to Wally World tonight to buy Matthew his first bicycle! He is sooo excited. He keeps asking when daddy is going to be home. He has been riding Avery's pink barbie bike and we decided he needed his own.