Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We traveled up to Stillwater for Thanksgiving this year.
We had a wonderful meal and then decided to take a walk around
Boomer Lake and take the kids to play at the park.
The weather was beautiful too!
That evening we all went bowling for 2 hours...what a blast!
Of course, Marc still beat me...only by 1 point the first game.
Maci and her Uncle Bryan watching the pin action!

Me & my new sister in law, Gayle!

Marc & Grammy Meg! Are we having fun or what?

Courtney giving Maci bowling lessons!

Back at the house, Maci decides she wants to be a pianist.

Avery showing all the loot she won, playing the arcade claw game!
She was sooo excited, it was like winning the lottery!
She made sure everyone got a stuffed animal. So sweet!

I got a picture of Matthew playing at the park, even though
he kept trying to avoid me.

Courtney and Maci swinging. Maci had a blast playing
at the park!

So did Daddy!

Avery and her new cousin, Paige! They've been friends since
birth and now they are relatives! So cool!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year and have so much
to be thankful for! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful
people to call family.
May God Bless each and everyone one of you!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Day at the Zoo....

It was free admission day at the zoo on Wednesday so we took
the family and headed out. Marc was off work and the weather
was beautiful!!! We spent 3 hours looking at the animals and
playing on the playground there.
As you can see, even Marc had a good time
playing at the playground! Such a good sport!

This poor this isn't Marc napping...ha ha....all he wanted to do was take a nap and I
insisted on taking his picture. He kept opening one of his eyes at
me, like enough lady....

Maci enjoyed the playground too.

The kids enjoyed posing in front of all the different
animal statues. Okay, they didn't really want their
picture taken as much as they really wanted to just
crawl around on the statues....

We had a great family day though and wore everyone out. All
3 kiddos were asleep by 8:15pm.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids, Cats, and Happiness...

I am on my annual quest to take the perfect
Christmas picture of my kiddos. Saturday we went outside
and took some pics and I have to say they were
actually pretty cooperative.
I really want one of our whole family to put
on our Christmas Card, but don't have anyone
to take a group shot of us.

Matthew & Maci clowning around for me on
a random afternoon.

Avery & Maci snuggling up at bedtime.

kI was posing them in the yard and Maci started
giggling and then we were all laughing.
Thought the pic turned out cute.

Last night we put the kids to bed and plopped down on
the couch to watch a DVD, which we never get to do.
The cats, Baxter & Frankie, were cold, so Marc turned on the fireplace for them
and I couldn't resist taking this of the two of them cuddling up.
Pretty sad when the cats get more use out of the fireplace
than we do.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Matthew pics!

Matthew was a good sport and let me take some
pictures of him playing in the backyard.

So sweet!

He's growing up so fast!

Avery's 8th Birthday Party!

Avery had a "Spa-tacular" bday party. We put on
make-up, painted their toes, and fixed their hair.

Gayle helped out with fixing hair. Smile Paige!

Everyone all dolled up and playing outside. The
weather was absolutely beautiful that day.

All the girls after a day at the Spa!

October/Halloween Pics!

Avery was a black cat this year. I entered this picture in the
Daily Oklahomans contest, but then forgot to vote...oops! They did publish
her picture in the newpaper on Nov. 5th and she was very excited!
Matthew was Bumblebee the Transformer. Yellow is his favorite color too!
Maci was Minnie Mouse.
On Halloween night, Avery stayed home with Marc and handed out candy. She wasn't
feeling very good.
My mom and I took Matthew & Maci with some of our neighbors and
trick or treated in the neighborhood for almost 2 hours.
Maci loved it!

The kidoodles enjoying the pumpkin patch!
Maci playing with her belly button =)!

Daddy and the kidoodles posing for yet another
picture for mommy. Thanks guys!

Playing around in the front yard. Notice our cat, Baxter,
looking out the window. He was upset we wouldn't let him come
play too.

Grammy Meg's Birthday Party!

Grammy Meg and Papa Darrel met us in OKC to celebrate her birthday in September.
We had a wonderful dinner at PF Changs.

Marc and I enjoying the evening sans kiddos.

Bryan & Gayle, 5 weeks before their wedding!

The yummy birthday cake we enjoyed.

Potty Training...Maci Style!

Maci loves to sit on her potty and has been successful a few times too!
We started working on it when she was 15 months old only because she wanted to. She is now 18 months and does pretty good when I take her consistently. She even tells me when she is peeing in her diaper. I am hoping that by age 2 she will be in big girl pants!