Friday, November 9, 2007

Avery's 7th Birthday!

Avery celebrated her 7th birthday with a princess party at home!

Princess Avery and lil brother Matthew waiting for the party to begin!

Each guest received a tutu and a personalized fairy princess wand.

Princess Avery surrounded by friends!

Avery is kissing the frog and trying to turn him into a prince.

Princess cupcakes! YUM!

Everyone had a great time at the party!

On Thursday, Ga Ga and Mommy took Avery out to lunch to celebrate the birthday girls! Avery chose McDonalds. Then she took cupcakes to her classroom to celebrate and she got to be the class leader that day as well. Ga Ga chose Red Lobster for the birthday girls dinner and then Daddy and Mommy took the kiddos to Toys R Us to cap off the birthday Day! It was then home and time for bed! Yippee! Sweet Dreams to all!

Halloween 2007

Avery & Maci are "Minnie Mouse" & Matthew is "Dash" from the Incredibles.

"Dash" aka Matthew!

" Minnie Mouse #1" aka Avery!

" Minnie Mouse #2" aka Maci

Matthew poses with Mr and Mrs Incredible at our church festival.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

October - Orr Family Farm & Fun at the Park!

Maci trying to stay warm at the park!

Silly Kletke kids at the park!

Avery lost her top tooth! She lost the other top one the next week!

Matthew at the Orr Family Farm. He enjoyed riding the train

and playing on the playground!

Matthew picked a yummy pumpkin!

Maci is squealing with delight over her first time to

swing at the park! Woo hoo!

Avery took this pic! Good job sis!