Monday, November 24, 2008

Kids, Cats, and Happiness...

I am on my annual quest to take the perfect
Christmas picture of my kiddos. Saturday we went outside
and took some pics and I have to say they were
actually pretty cooperative.
I really want one of our whole family to put
on our Christmas Card, but don't have anyone
to take a group shot of us.

Matthew & Maci clowning around for me on
a random afternoon.

Avery & Maci snuggling up at bedtime.

kI was posing them in the yard and Maci started
giggling and then we were all laughing.
Thought the pic turned out cute.

Last night we put the kids to bed and plopped down on
the couch to watch a DVD, which we never get to do.
The cats, Baxter & Frankie, were cold, so Marc turned on the fireplace for them
and I couldn't resist taking this of the two of them cuddling up.
Pretty sad when the cats get more use out of the fireplace
than we do.


  1. I love the picture of them in the yard. That one should be your Christmas card picture. Of course, the first one looks great, too. You can't lose either way.

    I need to start my Christmas card picture quest. Last year I think I took 80+ pictures of them together and didn't get one good pic I liked. I ended up using two pictures-one of each kid.

  2. Oh MY! I cant believe how big they are all getting! Avery's hair is chopped off! Shes starting to look like a teenager! Matthew is growing up and Macie-oh my gosh! She has tons of hair and is getting so big! it seems like yesterday we were both preggers...big mama, lil mama. now they are toddlers!
    thanks for sharing your blog with me!!